Day 12 - Smooth

For Day 12 of the July Photo Challenge, "smooth" could very well have been a velvet painting of Barry White. But I thought back to my prolonged shoot of the western United States. While passing through the southern leg of the trip, the sand dunes as you leave California are simply stunning. The delicate balance of the perfect winds and the fine sand feels like water as it passes though your hands.

Oddly enough, I felt guilty taking some as it ruined the aesthetic which was shaped so carefully on its own. The light was waning and along a quiet stretch of highway, we stopped and all the zeal was taken from our legs. We just stood and watched this huge expanse of perfection. Even music could have ruined the moment. Knowing full well I was unlikely to see this again, I snapped the only picture of the entire scene.

(Photo/Kristian Jaime Photography)